• National and third party testing of academic and workplace skills
  • Resume building and employment counselling services
  • Provision for group insurance for workers within Canada
  • Provides support, registry and discounted ongoing training to members from other countries immigrating into Canada under the Live-In Caregiver Program
  • Advocating for individuals; increasing wages, setting standards
  • Training and Testing, Prior Learning Assessments
  • Enhancing support networks
  • Giving greater respect and recognition to the Front Line Worker; Certification and recognition of standards.
  • Increased efficiency when individuals strive to better their performance on the job.
  • 50% off all future training costs

Benefits of Training and Standards for homes using CPSWs:

Reduced turnover: Homes that have the advantage of training tend to be better staffed and provide higher wages, benefits, stronger worker protections, and lateral movement within the employment of the front line worker.

Increased productivity: Training staff to work more efficiently or effectively; can rapidly increase their productivity. Employees may be lacking a skill, which in turn may increase the time they take to complete a task. It may even stop them from undertaking it in the first place. Offering skills development will increase employee confidence and job satisfaction.

Improved Quality of Service: Training your employees in all areas can increase the quality of service and job satisfaction with higher standards. This increases employees' positive attitudes, eliminates improper attitudes, and provides rewards and recognition for the valuable worker.